Melvin Macias



Melvin Macias was born in Havana, Cuba. He began to study piano at the young age of six at the prestigious Havana Conservatory Manuel Saumel. Both his grandfather and father were well known musicians in Cuba. Melvin’s parents decided to leave Cuba when he was 10 years old, after which he continued studying classical piano in Miami. During his teenage years his father introduced him to pop music, in specific Jazz. It soon dawned on him that he could express himself better with Jazz. As a result, he started teaching himself how to become a better improviser. When he got to high school, he joined the Jazz band. During this time, he had already been playing Latin music around Miami with his father. “We would do private events and festivals”. After graduating high school, he studied Jazz Improvisation with Mike Orta at Florida International University. He also became musical director for Orquesta America. He was also musical director for an off-Broadway musical called Three Guys Named Jose and una Mujer Named Maria, which ran at the Miracle Theater at Miracle Mile in Miami. Moreover, he went on tour with the world-renowned Mexican singer and composer Juan Gabriel. A few years passed and the opportunity came for him to move to Las Vegas. He has been working for 7 years at the Venetian Hotel and Casino as a pianist for an Italian show where they perform Italian Folk songs and Opera. He also works for Center for Spiritual Living as a pianist. “A place like no other, a place full of love that has opened its doors to me like no other”. He recently started composing and decided to record an album that portrays his life as well as identity as a musician. The album is called Reflections of Time.  “I really have faith in this album”. It consists of Afro-Cuban Jazz tunes, straight ahead Jazz, ballads, and Brazilian music. Melvin has faith that with this album he will reach people worldwide and become a world-renowned Jazz musician.