TWU Gaming Lounge

After 2 years of planning, TWU’s official Gaming Lounge opened in March of 2022. We are excited to have a place on campus for those who enjoy gaming, tabletop games, movies, or spending time with friends in a leisurely environment. We will have events focused on all varieties of entertainment throughout each semester.

TWU Gaming Lounge Hours

Summer 2022

  • Monday-Friday: 12-8 p.m.

Fall 2022

  • Monday-Friday: 12-10 p.m.
  • Saturday: 12-6 p.m.
  • Sunday: 2-10 p.m.

Contact Michael Wilson or Landon Carter for more information.


As we head into the first full academic year of the Gaming Lounge being open, we have planned out a semester full of events free of charge for all currently enrolled TWU students to enjoy.

Event Dates

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Events Date
Gaming 101 September 12-16
Video Game Triathlon September 28
Valorant Tournament October 13-15
Scary Movie Night October 31
Just Dance Disco November 9
Smash Bros Tournament December 2

Event Descriptions

Gaming 101 - A week-long event to help students who are newer to gaming learn how to use the equipment within the facility, what games are available to them, how to create accounts, and play specific games.

Just Dance Disco - A disco themed party with Just Dance games happening all night. Dress up in your most groovy outfit!

Scary Movie Night - A Halloween celebration with scary movies and snacks. Costume competition with prizes!

Smash Bros. Tournament - Partnering with the Alliance of Pioneer Gamers, sign up as an individual and prove your Smash Bros skills! Prizes will be awarded for first and second place.

Valorant Tournament - Valorant is the most popular game at the Gaming Lounge. Sign up as an individual or as a team and show off your skills. Prizes will be awarded for first and second place.

Video Game Triathlon - Rack up your high scores on Tetris, Racing Games, and Super Mario Bros to show your well-rounded gaming skills. Top 3 scorers will receive a prize!

Equipment Reservations

Due to high demand for the equipment within our facility, we allow students to reserve equipment for only 4 hours per calendar day.

Get Connected

If you are interested in getting connected with the different communities on campus that revolve around gaming, tabletop games, DnD, etc. feel free to check out the groups below:

TWU Gaming Discord

Alliance of Pioneer Gamers

Adventurer’s Guild

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