Recent Publications

Our faculty’s accomplishments extend far beyond the classroom. They regularly contribute scholarly works to advance the field of occupational therapy. Here are some of the latest examples.

Faculty Publications

Bai, Z., Fong, K. N.K., Zhang, J. J., Chan, J., & Ting, K. H. (2020). Immediate and long-term effects of BCI-based rehabilitation of the upper extremity after stroke: a systematic review and meta analysis. Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, 17, 57.

Burns, S. P., Terblanche, M., Perea, J. D., Lillard, H., DeLaPena, C., N. Grinage, A. MacKinen, & E. Cox (2021). mHealth intervention applications for adults living with the effects of stroke: A scoping review. Archives of Rehabilitation Research and Clinical Trials. doi: 10.1016/j.arrct.2020.100095

Espiritu, E. W., & Smith, T. M. (2021).  Health, wellness, and well-being of a non-traditional occupational therapy student: A case study.   Occupational Therapy in Mental Health: A Journal of Psychosocial Practice and Research.  37:1, 87-103, doi: 10.1080/0164212X.2020.1832942

Hay, C. C., Graham, J. E., Pappadis, M. R., Sander, A. M., Hong, I., & Reistetter, T. A. (2020). The Impact of One's Sex and Social Living Situation on Rehabilitation Outcomes After a Stroke. American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 99(1), 48–55.

Juengst, S. B., Terhorst, L., Nabasny, A., Wallace, T., Weaver, J., Osborne, C.L., Burns, S.P., Wright, B., Wen, P., Kew, C.N., & Morris, J. (2021). Use of mHealth technology for patient-reported outcomes in community-dwelling adults with acquired brain injuries: A scoping review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 18(4), 2173;

Lohmann, A.F. & Vas, A. K.  (2020). Acquired brain injury. In D. P. Dirette & S. A. Gutman (Authors) & M. V. Radomski & C. T. Latham (Eds.), Occupational therapy for physical dysfunction (8th ed.). Wolters Kluwer.

Louw A., Chang P.F., Feng J. (2020) High fidelity and objectivity in balance assessment—A comparative study of the 6-Degree Motion Tracking for Body Balance Assessment to the Conventional Paper Test. In: Kalra J., Lightner N. (Eds.), Advances in human factors and ergonomics in healthcare and medical devices: Proceedings of the AHFE 2020 virtual conference on human factors and ergonomics in healthcare and medical devices: Advances in intelligent systems and computing. (Vol. 1205). Springer International Publishers.

Morgan, R., Estlin, E., Pizer, B., Keane, J., Bowyer, P., Nenadic, G., Kamaly-Asl, I., Davys, D., Owen, K., Galloway, P., Fillery, C., Deghan, A and Long, T (2020). A feasibility study of enhanced occupational therapy for children and young people with central nervous system tumours-outcomes for the families and for occupational therapy. CYPF Journal.

Pickens, N. D., Mendonca, R., Burns, S. P., & Smith, R. O. (2020). Home safety evaluation - getting it right: HESTIA usability testing. Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology. 

Roberts, P., Krishnan, S., Burns, S. P., Oullette, D., & Pappadis, M. (2020).  Inconsistent classification of mild stroke and implications of health services. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 101(7) 1243-1259. 

Roberts, H., Shierk, A., Clegg, N., Baldwin, D., & Delgado, M. (2020). Constraint induced movement therapy camp for children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy augmented by use of an exoskeleton to play games in virtual reality. Physical and Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics. 

Smith, T. M.(2020). Disaster preparedness, response and recovery. In M. E. Scaffa & S. M. Reitz (Eds.), Occupational therapy in community and population health practice. F.A. Davis.

Smith, T. M, & Scaffa, S. M. (2020). Low vision. In M. E. Scaffa & S. M. Reitz (Eds.), Occupational therapy in community and population health practice. F.A. Davis.

Smith, T. M., Hong, I., & Reistetter, T.A. (2020).  Responsiveness of the Revised Low Vision Independence Measure (LVIM-R). American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 74(5). 7405205040p1–7405205040p11.

Tulchin-Francis, K., Stevens, W., Gu, X., Roberts, H., & Zhang, T. (2021). The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Physical Activity in US Children. Journal of Sport and Health Science., doi: 10.1080/01942638.2020.1812790.

Wang, I., Kapellusch, J., Rahman, M.H., Lehman, I., Liu, C., Chang, P.F. (2020). Psychometric evaluation of the disabilities of the arm, shoulder and hand (DASH) in patients with orthopedic shoulder impairments seeking outpatient rehabilitation. Journal of Hand Therapy,

Whitworth, S., Smith, T. M., & Chan, J. (2021). Expectations and experiences of patients wearing An EEG device during mirror therapy. Annals of International Occupational

Student Lead Publications

Chow, J. K., & Pickens, N. D. (2020).  Measuring efficacy of occupational therapy in end-of-life care: A scoping review. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 74 (1). 

Franc, I. A., Baxter, M. F., Mitchell, K., Neville, M., & Chang, P. (2020).  Validity of the Sock Test for Sitting Balance: A Functional Assessment Tool.   Occupational Therapy Journal of Research, 40 (3), 159-165,

Iliff, S., Tool, G.M., Bowyer, P., Parham, D.L., Fletcher, T.S., & Freysteinson, W. (2020). Self-reflection and its relationship to occupational competence and clinical performance in level II fieldwork. Submitted for publication, Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice.

Longpre’, S.M., Polo, K.M., & Baxter, M.F. (2020). A personal perspective on daily occupations to Counteract cancer related fatigue: A case study. Open Journal of Occupational Therapy, 8(1), 1-10.

McHugh, J.J, Baxter, M.F., Chang, P., & Mitchell, K. (2020). Idiopathic toe walking and postural instability: The next step. Annals of International Occupational Therapy.

Perea, J.D., & Sit, W. (2020). Comparing learning platform impact on low vision education for occupational therapists. Open Journal of Occupational Therapy, 8(1),1-10.

Struckmeyer, L., Pickens, N., Brown, D., & Mitchell, K. (2020). Home Environmental Assessment Protocol-Revised (HEAP-R) initial psychometrics: a pilot study. OTJR: Occupation, Participation & Health, 40(3). 

Walker, B. J., Washington, L., Early, D., & Poskey, G. A. (2020). Parents' experiences with implementing therapy home programs for children with down syndrome: A scoping review. Occupational Therapy in Health Care, 34 (1), 85-98.

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